So Me Agentur by Schoeller von Bronewski
Helena Schoeller Gloria von Bronewski Agentur



With focus on video and photography,

Helena Schoeller passed her university degree in Media Communication in Vienna.

She worked for the German broadcast channel ARD at several TV productions.

Later she assisted at the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan and also at Germany's leading public relations and event agency

Schoeller & von Rehlingen PR.

For the last years Helena Schoeller worked in Buenos Aires as a digital consultant for different brands and sport clubs.

She came back to Germany to combine her

digital experiences with her knowledge

in PR and event communication to found

'So Me' with Gloria von Bronewski.

With her experience in photography and video production, Helena Schoeller is an expert in content creation, set supervision

and movie editing.


Following her passion for creative writing, Gloria von Bronewski quit working in the PR industry to graduate journalists school. For five years she worked for InStyle Germany: First as an editor for lifestyle, later as Senior Editor to co-develop new digital strategies for After working at Hubert Burda New York, Gloria von Bronewski decided to start her own agency "So Me".  


Her aim was to focus on the topics, in which she originally graduated in at universities in India and Germany: creative marketing, technology and digital storytelling. With creating innovative campaigns and editorial content for national and international companies, she is an expert in connecting brands, clients and their ambassadors and spokespersons. Nowadays, she also writes about zeitgeist, trends, health and culture as a contributing editor for selected magazines.